Veganism is today, what vegetarianism and PETA inspired activism used to be in the 90s and early millennium. While many have adopted veganism as a trend, and many more still dismiss it as a fad of the millennials; the overarching proof points to the fact that veganism (whether you like it or not) is a legitimate, health friendly way of life that is here to stay. So before you cut out all meat and dairy from your consumption cycle, here are the facts about veganism, which will make this life altering decision, a little easier for you to make (or not).


Before we head into that discussion however, let’s first define veganism. Veganism began in the early 1940s in Britain and the US, as a lifestyle that was devoid of animal cruelty. This meant that the lifestyle was one of whole, plant based food, drink and clothing. This meant that vegans rejected any and every product that came from an animal source. So dairy, fish, meat and poultry were all taboo to a vegan. Back in that time it was a hard life to lead, as the food industry was dominated by dairy and poultry products and vegans would often find themselves struggling for the essentials. Thank God veganism is now more mainstream. That was the ‘history’ lesson, now let’s get on with the facts…


  1. Vegan food in general is low in protein

Okay so here’s the thing, everyone seems to be on this witch hunt against low-protein diets and ignorance about veganism fuels the opinion, that veganism as a regime and lifestyle choice, is a low protein one. Well it’s not! Vegans consume legumes and this food group alone, contains enough protein that will cover the recommended dietary allowance of the nutrient. Add whole foods, fruits, nuts and nut milks and suddenly veganism doesn’t feel like the diet of the ‘weak’ does it?


  1. Vegan food is hard to palate

Like most things, vegan food takes some getting used to, but once you’ve gotten a taste for it, most things are actually pretty delicious. I mean how can you NOT love feeling light, agile and more focused because suddenly (thanks to the increase of intake in fruits), you have a lot more energy. Lactose intolerance is high among us Indians and nut milks which is a vegan substitute will give you the ‘milky’ fix, without the added trouble of gas and embarrassing (sometimes) passage of said gas!


  1. Veganism is a lifestyle only the rich can afford

While this is another lame argument, the prices of meat, fish and poultry in the city have in fact increased nearly 3 fold over the past 5 years, in comparison to greens, sprouts, cereals and fruits. A glut of vegan products from tonnes of brands including soy, almond and pea protein milk, yeast based food substitutes and other substitution based vegan produce, have made the vegan shopping experience a varied and rewarding one.


  1. Veganism could lead to calcium deficiency

Another load of baloney (pun unintended). The dairy industry seems to have built itself on this common misconception, that milk is the BEST source of calcium in the world. But things like nuts, certain fruits, coconut milk and soy are also excellent sources of calcium, in fact they are easier to absorb, because dairy milk is actually quite difficult to break down in your gut!


  1. Vegans are weak because they don’t have animal protein

This has to be one of the stupidest arguments against veganism. The fact that most sportspersons, from footballers to bodybuilders and extreme sports enthusiasts recommend a vegan lifestyle, says a LOT about the ‘strength’ bit of veganism. Fun fact, a gorilla, for instance is one of nature’s strongest creatures and also the most intelligent, and he is vegan (well almost)!


  1. Vegan food is boring

Vegan lifestyle is based on the principle of ‘respect for all living creatures’, it is an attitude and a lifestyle choice. Vegan food therefore is anything but boring. It is actually a testament to the innovativeness of chefs, and home cooks. The future of the food industry too, is by far vegan, with many people jumping the bandwagon, for reasons as varied as ethical choices to food allergies and even health.


So there you have it, while I have tried to outline the hard truths about veganism, for you in a very objective light, I neither recommend, nor dissuade you from making the choice. The switch to veganism is an intensely personal one and needs careful consideration, I hope these facts help in your decision. And don’t forget, the lifestyle you crave, and the quality of life you pine for are in your hands alone. If you need any advice, or help on the choices you make, you have your friendly coach always on for you. So feel free to give me a shout out on social media or leave me a comment here and I will most certainly get in touch. Until next time, live well, live stress free.