Life in Bangalore may not be as fast as it is in Gurugram and Mumbai, but definitely, you can’t expect getting enough time for a gym routine or cooking complex, healthy meals on a daily basis. This is true especially when your home to office locations is distant and unless you live close to Cubbon Park or another huge green space. 

Bangalore is undoubtedly a promising city with awesome weather. But if you are already living there or speak to someone residing therein, you will not that the city has enough to put you under high pressure and stress. 

So, how can you ace your health and maintain fitness while compromising your daily work schedule and staying in Bangalore? How can you protect yourself from falling sick and settling down easily in Bangalore? 

I’ve got you covered and here I share a few tips based on the modern lifestyle that will help you conveniently maintain your health at par in this lovely city.

1. Go for a Massage

One main reason why a large number of people in Bangalore suffer from chronic disorders and health-related issues is a high level of stress. Right when you step in the city and start working your stress level induce and may keep on increasing with time and with the amount of work you do every day.

If you are a corporate employee or run your own business you definitely have a Sunday off. The best way to utilize the early Sunday morning is by taking some extra sleep and then heading towards a massage parlor located nearby. 

Meraki Spa & Wellness, O2 Spa, BodyCraft, and the Conrad Spa are some of the best massage parlors to consider. Their massages are great and getting it every alternate Sunday will help you keep those stress levels in check.

2. Plan a 30 minutes’ Walk

I know if you are working odd hours or late at night, you sure don’t want to miss even those extra 5 minutes of sleep. But believe me, once you will start with a walking routine you will feel more relaxed, fresh, and energized.

A 30 minutes’ walk on weekdays will keep your body fit and your mind active. It monotony bores you, plan a yoga session on alternate days to keep going. Just try it for at least 15 days and you will notice the difference yourself.

3. Eat Healthy Food Always

One thing difficult for most of my clients is to keep their taste buds happy. But I always suggest that they treat their taste buds with health and wellness and not just spicy, unhealthy, and junk food. The same I would like to suggest here as well.

Home-cooked meals are the best and if possible carry them every day while going to the office. If you work late hours you can go for fresh salad and soup at night. It is quite difficult to stay away from tempting outside food completely. Just have one cheat day in a week and treat yourself only on that day. 

4. Try Drinking Boiled Water

As per the best nutritionist in Bangalore, a major reason for increasing gastrointestinal ailments among people of all ages is contaminated water. Even if you are buying mineral water, you don’t know whether it is contamination free or not.

Hence, make a habit of drinking boiled water only. Keep boiled water handy. There are various bottles available online, which keep hot water hot. Get them and carry them everywhere you go. This will ensure you drink boiled water and will also spend your additional expenses on buying a mineral water bottle.

5. Try Reduce Distance Between Your Office and Home

I know this is challenging, but try to stay as close to your office as possible. This will reduce the unnecessary stress involved with commuting, which leads to low immunity. Also, it saves travel expenses! But, if you can’t avoid it, traffic time can be used to practise some self care habits like Journalling, Listening to useful podcasts, Box breathing, Reading, etc.

6. Eat on Time

Peptic ulcer, acid reflux, gastric issues, and craving to consume unhealthy food, all occur because you are not taking meals on time. Plan a meal routine and follow it rigorously. 

Avoid long gaps in a meal and carry healthy bites to quench those occasional hunger pangs.

7. Consult an Expert Dietitian

If you are finding it difficult to plan and follow a routine, consult an expert dietitian in Bangalore. 

An expert can provide you with a customized diet plan and a fitness routine exactly as per your routine. To consult a reputed dietitian in Bangalore now, click on this link

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