Out of the multiple clients I see on an everyday basis, one of the most common concerns I encounter after Weight Loss is – Issues with Skin & Hair – Be it excessive hair fall or inflamed/dry skin that lacks luster, most of these can be attributed to a poor lifestyle, low hydration combined with excessive stress. Overall, these factors push our body cycles to age faster then they should, causing our Metabolic Age to be higher than biological one – Jargons aside, basically making us OLD!!!

Being on the cusp of Turning 40 and leaving behind the good old 30’s nothing resonates or troubles me more than word OLD – Being called uncle has never irked me more than it is now, even if its from a 3y/o – I exercise to remain physically fit (Hopefully younger looking too!) – Keep my salon visits regular to have my grooming game on point and my Dermat has built a small villa from the vast array of Vitamin C Serums & Glutathione supplements that I have been using more religiously than anything else I ever have – Whenever there has been trouble with time management and I had to choose between brushing my teeth before bed or finishing my nightly 5 step skin ritual – Guess who won?

But is that all?

I can tell you based on academic knowledge, that it isn’t – But more then just academic knowledge I speak with conviction from my personal experience – No amount of serums, creams, skin rituals/treatments or supplements come anywhere close to a clean diet and a well-nourished body – In fact, No amount of external treatments or applications would work effectively unless the Nutrition game is on point – Lets explore what foods can help with this….


  1. Berries

berries for anti aging diet and nutrition

Berries are one of the most nutritionally dense foods on earth and house a staggering concentration of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals and essential fatty acids. With such an awesome constitution it is not surprising they are reputed anti-aging marvels.

One of the leading catalysts of aging is – Free Radicles. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are beneficial in small amounts but can damage your cells when their numbers get too high, causing oxidative stress- Berries are a great source of antioxidants, such as anthocyanins, ellagic acid, and resveratrol. Ellagic Acid, is widely seen as one of components of berries that provides these benefits to the skin by protecting the skin from collagen breakdown that occurs with aging.

Whilst being low in calories, they are a powerhouse of nutrients, thus offering a lot with a very low calorific load – For example,1 cup (150 grams) of strawberries provides a whopping 150% of the RDI for vitamin C whilst adding under 50 Calories to the diet!!

Talking of Super foods – The one that Tops the list is also from the Berries family – Goji Berries.

Goji berries contain 500 times more vitamin C than oranges by weight and more beta-carotene than carrots making them a superb source of vitamin A. Together with vitamin E and essential fatty acids, these berries are ideal for any anti-aging and beauty regime. They also contain polysaccharides, one of which has been found to stimulate the secretion of the rejuvenating human growth hormone by the pituitary gland, as well as B vitamins,21 minerals and 18 amino acids.

A study cited in Dr. Mindell’s book ‘Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret’, observed that 67 per cent of elderly people that were given a daily dose of the berries for 3 weeks experienced dramatic immune system enhancement and a significant improvement in overall well-being.


  1. Aloe Vera

aloe vera for anti aging diet and nutrition

How often have you heard about or even considered Botox or Fillers as a quick fix measure for anti-aging?

As Primitive as it might sound, Aloe Vera is the Ultimate Botox Alternative.

Aloe vera increases collagen production 100% naturally for a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion and plump, beautiful skin.

The inner gel of the aloe vera leaf contains around 200 active compounds with over 75 nutrients. These include 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins (even vitamin B12 – one of the very few plant sources of this vitamin). Aloe vera also has anti-microbial properties fighting fungi and bacteria and is a power house of Anti-Inflammatory enzymes.

Aloe vera is known to aid digestion and elimination, boost the immune system, and be highly effective at healing, moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin, naturally stimulating the production of collagen- The ultimate elixir of youth!

Aloe vera is best eaten fresh when possible (you can order large aloe vera leaves which last a few weeks refrigerated). Scrape out the inside gel, avoiding the outside of the leaf which is a strong laxative, and blend with fruit for the ultimate beautifying smoothie. Aloe vera has a mild flavour with a slightly bitter edge and hence best combined with a fruit.


  1. Avocados

avocado for anti aging diet and nutrition

Getting to this part, I could think of a thousand Avocado jokes & puns – the endless memes about the right moment for an avocado to be ripe etc. The net is flooded with these and beyond accurate science and nutritional facts, these go a long way to testify the popularity of this lovely fruit…

What makes Avocados special in context of anti-aging or beauty is the high absorption rate of Avocado oil into the skin compared to its counterparts like Almond or Olive – making them smoothing and softening for the skin.

Avocado also contains vitamin E (excellent for the skin), antioxidant carotenoids and the master antioxidant glutathione that is exceptionally powerful and has anti-carcinogenic potential.

Walk into a Dermat clinic and you shall learn that Glutathione is the buzz word around there and many a beauty have lined up since the beginning of time to get their glutathione stores up in various forms – Glutathione is effective against pollutants such as cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes as well as ultra-violet radiation – Avocado being a store house of this, makes it a superfood not only for skin or anti-aging but for overall health and wellbeing.


  1. Chlorella

Move over spirulina, there’s a new algae in town — chlorella. This nutrient-dense algae has been receiving a lot of buzz for its health benefits.

Chlorella is a single-celled, green freshwater algae that is nutrient dense and is particularly popular for the nucleic acids’ RNA and DNA present in it – These direct cellular growth and repair and enable our bodies to utilize nutrients more effectively, eliminate toxins and avoid disease. The production of nucleic acids in the body declines progressively as we age and hence replenishing RNA and DNA can be key to overall health, immunity and longevity.

In addition to nucleic acids, chlorella is jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and amino acids, making it an incredibly rejuvenating and health-promoting superfood.


  1. Dark Chocolate

If there is one food that has had its accolades dating to the Roman Empire, its Dark unsweetened Chocolate. It has over the centuries, seen a place of pride in the Mayan Culture and Aztecs took their love for Chocolate to another level by using Cacao beans as currency and deeming it as the food of the gods.

The word chocolate may conjure up images of sweet candy bars and luscious truffles, but the chocolate in discussion here is unadulterated, unsweetened dark compounds derived from Cacao beans.

As per recent studies, it has been worked out that cacao beans (the main ingredient of real chocolate) have an anti-aging benefit. In fact, it is believed that cocoa actually could help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Cocoa beans contain a cocktail of naturally occurring phytochemicals that probably safeguard against a number of diseases and play into the look of youthfulness.

The latest studies show that consuming dark chocolate can do wonders for your skin resulting in a change that will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles that are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The researchers have reported that cocoa extract found in dark chocolate offers protection against wrinkles caused by UV-Light and even helps reduce the appearance of dark spots by blocking the breakdown of the dermal matrix.


This list could go on – Superfoods, Magic foods, ancient grains, micro greens etc etc, all at some point or the other made a mark on the “what’s hot” list of the health food industry – All these and many more can work in multiple ways and benefit individuals differently based on their innate lifestyle habits – While we seek for the Midas touch in the pursuit of Anti-Aging or Reverse Aging we at From Monday Nutrition will be delighted to decipher your lifestyle and design a customised plan to address your individual goals – Remember, When it comes to health & lifestyle, One Size doesn’t fit all…Talk to us today to shed those years and pounds..