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    Worried about eating out? Well call me and I will personally guide you as to what you can eat and what you cannot. 


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My jounrney with Coach Amit Shah had started with me being on bed rest as I was undergoing an ACL tear which required weight loss as a condition . I honestly had lost all hope of loosing weight as I was on bed rest . Hence I started my journey with Coach Amit Shah on a friends reccomendation and the results that I saw with the diet on them . Over the period of the diet given to me I had started shedding weight really quickly in the first couple of weeks . But after a point it had started to stagnate . Coach Amit made sure to fix that as well . I have a tendency to bloat a lot . Certain food type wouldn’t suit me and as I would tell him that he would alter it and give me different types of food to try out. There were a lot of times that I underwent health issues during this period but as I would call to tell him this, There was always a quick response in fixing my health condition . The diet initially looked very scary for a non-cook like me . But I managed and realised it’s not as much as it looks and neither did it require to prepare a lot . As the weight loss commenced my doctor had specifically asked me to keep my protein levels intact and start with physiotherapy and workout . As I mentioned this to coach Amit he made sure that my tear healed with the right amount of protein intake . Today after almost 3 months of my journey with Coach Amit I feel very good about myself as I am able to fit back into my jeans and do my physiotherapy along with my workouts in a much more effective way and with amazing energy levels . I am really happy to have found him . He takes in all the issues that you’re facing and is always willing to give in solutions for the same . He has done an amazing job at understanding what intake my body requires and made alterations in the diet per week . The diet sent to me is sent in a very systemic way which is very impressive . The recipes are uploaded to his website making it easier for us to just open the desired recipe and follow the instructions . Overall my results are amazing and today after being on bed rest for 2 months+ about half a month of workout I have lost 6kgs . I’m sure if I was working out with this diet I would have lost much more. Overall it’s very impressive to see weight loss when one is on bed rest . Loved the experience and looking forward to many more months of the right guidance for food intake with Coach Amit 🙂
Namrata Thackersey
Namrata Thackersey
11:10 07 Jun 19
He's just an amazing nutritionist. So well read and updates himself with everything n about every problem. He's more like a frnd who helps internal healing... Icing on the cake is his spread of menu.. just love his recipes ♥️♥️
Dhruti Thakker
Dhruti Thakker
12:58 14 Apr 19
Amit's personal involvement in the transformation journey is motivating. The plans are healthy yet very tasty and practical to implement. Focus is to make an informed choice. Only thing to loose is weight and to gain is confidence and a positive lifestyle change..!!
Jitesh Dawda
Jitesh Dawda
04:32 02 Feb 19
I started with membership for a month and the experience has been so good that i renewed my membership further for 3 months now. I have tried a lot of diets and am glad to say this diet did wonders for me. Amit is very knowledgeable and realistic in his approach. he understands the needs of day to day life and suggest accordingly. He doesn't make you worry about the weight, but concentrates on fitness. The juices and the recipes he provides, keep you feeling fresh and light entire day. I would highly recommend getting Amit's help for anyone who wants to be fit ( not losing weight quickly ),and maintain good health in long term.
Shradha Nair
Shradha Nair
07:47 24 Dec 18
Amit Sir , apart from being a nutritionist he’s also an excellent personality whom one would appreciate to be around. He has not only helped me in losing weight but he has also taught me to eat clean and healthy. He is always available to answer any of are queries. His meal plans are lean and convenient and fits into our schedule. Everybody who’s looking forward to lose weight should approach Amit sir ...
Kanchi Ranawat
Kanchi Ranawat
16:01 20 Dec 18