Healthy Living Begins With A Plan

Diet Program that works
  • Lose your weight not your mind

    Our diet programs are customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals. No two diet plans will ever be the same.

  • Step by Step Consultation

    I provide a holistic solution to achieving your fitness goals and I will be with you every step of the way, every day. 

  • Researched meal plans

    Post consultation I will develop a meal plan that works for you by analyzing your lifestyle, you work and travel schedule and most importantly your likes and dislikes about food. All my meal plans are easy to follow and I’m always a call away if you need help following the plan or need changes based on rapidly changing work and travel scenarios.

  • On call guidance

    Worried about eating out? Well call me and I will personally guide you as to what you can eat and what you cannot. 

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What our clients say about us!

He was my nutritionist and I hired him because I wanted to lose some weight and trust me I am so satisfied and happy with the results. I did lose weight and the diet plan made by him did wonders. I hired him for 2 months. I even recommended him to 3 of my friends and even they are satisfied. 

Rashi Bharadwaj

Excellent Counsellor to work with. I have already lost 7 kgs in 2 months by making just a few small changes in my diet. I think what differentiates him is his ability to counsel you about right things to do and healthy eating. He also works as a great motivator in your initial days. 

Ritesh Gupta

Mr. Amit Shah was a good nutritionist, I hired for the purpose of general fitness and he was very humble and knowledgeable. He provided me with an amazing diet chart to be taken which really helped me a lot in my fitness. 


Mr. Amit is a very professional dietician. He prescribed a diet perfectly suited to my requirements and body structure. I am very satisfied with the service.

Nawaz Wangde

I took a service of a nutritionist from Mr. Amit for general fitness and weight loss. He gave me a proper diet which benefited me and helped me reduce weight.  Mr. Amit is very professional and a nice human being and I would like to recommend him to anyone who wants to live a more holistic life.

Ashutosh Singh

Amit gives very interesting and innovative plans with recipes which are yummy. Takes total care of health condition while planning my meals. Very happy and grateful for finding Amit. 

Sadhana Puri