The key to effective bodybuilding is a regular workout and eating healthy. Whether you want to build your body to make it to the fashion world or want to participate in the next championship, a perfect balance between your workout and dietary regimen can help you achieve your goal.

But if expensive protein shakes and meals are taking a huge toll on your pocket, then switch to a budget-friendly bodybuilding Indian diet plan to meet your bodybuilding goals.

Why Indian Diet for Bodybuilding?

Indian diet is very much different than the diets suggested by the rest of the world in terms of food choices. The best part about Indian diet is that it is completely vegetarian. Hence, if you wish to switch to a 100% vegetarian diet, then there is nothing better than Indian diet plans! The food choices and combinations used in usual bodybuilding diet plans are quite expensive, which most of the Indians are not able to incorporate in their monthly budget. Hence, we share an easy solution for them. Here, we list a perfect Indian diet plan for bodybuilding, which is not just healthy and nutritious, but also friendly to the pockets.

Basics of Indian Diet Plan for Bodybuilding

For Indians, chappatis, daal, white rice, and seasonal vegetables is a staple diet. It is not necessary that you need to include fancy items in your diet plan to become a bodybuilder. Rather you can include a perfect composition of such elements in your diet to build a body that will bring you appreciations. So, before we tell you about the perfect Indian diet plan for bodybuilding, first have a look at basic guidelines to plan inclusion of different nutrients effectively.






High Protein Vegetarian Diet for Body Building

If you are trying to build muscle on a vegetarian diet or if you wish to tone up and lose weight with a high protein diet, then trust me, it’s simple!
Here, I share with you a ‘High Protein Veggie’ diet plan that you can consider in order to build your body with a vegan diet.


1. Dairy Products
Consuming a bowl of yogurt with oats in breakfast and some cheese sandwich in the salad would supply you with a decent amount of dairy. Even milk has a unique protein profile that can provide you with a high content of protein needed for bodybuilding.


2. Quinoa
One of the healthiest sources of vegan protein, quinoa is full of iron, fiber, magnesium, and manganese. It is an excellent substitute for rice and can be mixed with muffins, cookies, fritters, and other breakfast casseroles to add a punch of taste along with great nutrition.


3. Buckwheat
No, this is not a type of wheat, rather belongs to the family of rhubarb. It is prepared from grinding soba seeds and is an excellent base for gluten-free recipes. Besides offering you a high protein supply, buckwheat helps to improve circulation, control blood glucose levels, and regulate blood cholesterol.


4. Chia
With chia seeds, you no more have to depend on clay animals’ products to meet the nutritional requirements of your body. Chia seeds have a high content of omega-3 fatty acids. They also contain high fiber content than nuts or flaxseeds. Additionally, chia seeds can supply you with calcium, iron, antioxidants, and zinc. If you mix them with water or milk, you can enjoy making healthy puddings and use the mixture as a substitute of eggs.


5. Hempseed
Containing significant amounts of nine essential amino acids, Hempseed is also a great source of zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Also, they are a rare vegetarian source of essential fatty acids, such as omega-3s.


6. Soy
This is one of the common and richest sources of vegan protein. It is a complete protein and is the perfect way to build your body without meat. Natto, tempeh, and tofu are some best-known soy products. Otherwise, there is soya bean available that can be included in your diet to build a rich protein diet.


7. Ezekiel Bread
Take barley, wheat, lentils, spelt, millet, and beans, put them in the vessel to make nutritious bread for you. It contains all essential amino acids. You can also mix sprouted grains to this dish in order to increase the nutritional content.


8. Quorn or Mycoprotein
Mycoprotein is available under the name of Quorn and is made with a certain sort of fungus in vats. It is an excellent meat substitute packed with complete protein. It is sometimes considered as a part of the mushroom family. Hence, do test it for allergy before including it in your diet plan.


9. Beans and Rice
One of the cheapest, simplest and vegan meals, which is one of the finest sources of protein around us is beans and rice. Beans contain protein content on par with that of meat. Chickpeas or lentils can also be used to cook protein and carbohydrate-rich meals after an intense workout.


10. Seitan
It was introduced thousands of years ago as a meat substitute for protein. Mixed with herbs and spices, it is as tempting as nutritious. It needs to be cooked on soy sauce rich broth. The final product is more meat-like but is completely vegetarian.


11. Pita and Hummus
The protein content in wheat is similar to that of rice, and it only lacks in lysine. However, chickpeas have plenty of lysine offering a great solution to vegans – pita and hummus. You can include hummus made from edamame, cannellini, and other types of beans to treat your taste buds.


12. Spirulina with Nuts or Grains
It is a not a complete protein as it lacks cysteine and methionine but is still a wonderful vegan solution to protein supply. In addition to plenty of amino acids, it can be mixed with grains, nuts, seeds, or oats in order to create a protein-rich diet for bodybuilding.


13. Peanut Butter Sandwich
Peanut butter is an easily available and wonderful solution to supply your body with proteins. It is an easy snack idea and can be combined with different items to meet your body needs for essential amino acids.
Besides this, you can mix lentils, peanuts, beans, soy with rice, corn, and wheat in order to get the needed dose of protein for bodybuilding.

Top Indian Foods for Bodybuilding

Proteins are most needed to build your body muscles, but consuming proteins alone is not enough to have a healthy and fit body. Equally important is to consume appropriate amounts of other nutrients like carbs, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats.

Here we share a list of other Indian vegetarian foods for bodybuilding that will help you accomplish your muscle gain goal and would also maintain your holistic wellness.

Bonus Tips!

These are some of the best Indian diet ideas for bodybuilding. You can always subtract or add things as per your requirement. Also, the food items mentioned are easily available in your kitchen. Hence, you no more have to spend extra bucks on your bodybuilding diet.

If you want to further customize the diet plan, consult a certified and experienced nutritionist right away to get a customized diet plan.

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