A Better You Starts with a Better Diet!

A Better You Starts with a Better Diet!

Nourish your body, mind, & soul with the right food and unleash the best version of yourself! Join us on the journey to transform your life and help you achieve a happier & healthier you!

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Meet Your Perfect Health Coach

Hi, I am Aamit Shah 👋

A visionary man on mission to heal the world through the power of holistic nutrition. With a distinguished career in foreign trade and diplomacy, Aamit left the rat race to pursue his passion for wellness and Studied as a health coach from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York.

His global travels and deep knowledge of alternative therapies make him the perfect guide for any seeking to transform their health and  well-being. Get ready to embark on a life-changing journey with Aamit by your Side!

Whilst on your spree of making 2023 resolutions- I urge you - to keep this on the top of your list - not enough is being spoken about the paramount importance of breathing - but think of this - block your nose and mouth - hold off without breathing - how many seconds can you manage without getting uncomfortable?? Such is the power of breathing- you could go without food and sleep for days - weeks even - without water - days again - how long can you go on without breathing - and yet it is ignored!! Unfortunately except for fancy breathwork sessions not much can be capitalised on breathing and hence not much is being spoken about it - but for 2023 resolve to breathe and see how your life transforms- Happy 2023 - Happy Breathing #breathe #healthcoach #nye #2022 #2023 #inflammation #detox #bodywork #breathwork #life #lifestyle #healthyliving #cleanse #revamp #resolution #resolutions #nye2023 #bye2022
The key to good digestion isn’t expensive probiotics or long drawn detox protocols - its simple mindful eating and that begins with chewing your food well enough for it to be completely masticated and mixed with our saliva - our very own digestive enzyme!! 
Often times, measures and hacks which are so simple are ignored in favour of more complex or expensive options but before you lean on to anything else - try this - Chew your food and keep your phone away while you eat #chew #eat #mindful #mindfuleating #digestion #ibs #indigestion #digestivehealth #digestionsupport #biohacking #healthcoach #frommondaynutrition #coachaamit #instagood #instareels #bloating #acidreflux #potty #poop #constipation #constipationrelief
Food wastage is a global issue - something that we all should be conscious about - but surely there are better ways to deal with food wastage than treating your own body - your stomach like a waste bin. The next time - before you eat or drink something- purely bcuz you dont want to “waste” it and not bcuz you want to eat or drink - pls remind yourself that your body is not a dustbin - share your food with the less fortunate around you - store it - freeze it - worst case discard it - but dont treat your body like a trash can #selflove #respectyourself #loveyourbody #wisdom #eatclean #healthcoach #think #evaluate #foodwaste #coachaamit #frommondaynutrition #instagram #instagood #instareels
Gut health or health in general neednt be daunting or overwhelming- shift from pushing yourself to perfection to achieving what you can - like a small change in your dinner time - or like giving up a small indulgence in a small way a each win is s big win ! 
Gut health plans personalised and customised for you - in a manner that is doable and achievable DM me to know more
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So many out there have normalised menstrual pain and popping pills for it - the shift from accepting pain to resolving it with changes in lifestyle is an urgent need of the hour - so many young clients who come to me with gut, hormone or digestive issues are able to completely get over menstrual pain in a matter of weeks - all it needs is some discipline and some shift in patterns - DM me to know more
#menstruation #pms #pmspain #menstrualcramps #menstrualcycle #female #feminine #femininehealth #healing #lifestyle #periods #periodstruggles #notodrugs #nutrition #cleanliving #cleaneating #fem #femme #femaleempowerment #femalepower #instagood #instareels #insta
If you suffer from chronic pain and fatigue, you must try this..
Grounding, is one of the most powerful and simplest things you can do to improve your health.
It take a few mins and costs nothing…try it and let me know..
#grounding #earthing #healthy #pain #fatigue #hashimotos #chronicpain #chronicfatigue #chronicillness #healthylifestyle #healthcoach #healthyhabits #healthhacks #healthhack #try #nature #goodhealth #depression #anxiety #instagood #insta #instadaily
Calories - Macros - Nutrition- can AI and Apps replace expertise?
More importantly can man made science outreach intuitive eating?
Weight loss and Health are a lot more then the simple calories in calories out calculation…no matter what VC funded apps tell you - if you are serious about your weight and health - move beyond apps and talk to experts…#weightloss #health #eating #calories #caloriecounting #mistake #ai #truth #facts #science #nutrition #cleaneating #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #think #instadaily #instagood
Peri menopause and menopause have been associated with anxiety, negativity and difficulties- but it doesn’t have to be so - simple changes to your lifestyle can make this transition smooth - lemme know in comments if you have any questions!
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Feeling low ? Feeling sad or out of wits ? Without a reason or rationale?
What do you do in such a situation? 
Move or clean..moving physically will help you feel immediately better - whether its moving from one place to another or exercising and moving your body - another easy thing to do is - clean, organise and declutter - cleaning and decluttering your surroundings, your closet, your room will have the same effect on your mind …you ll feel lighter..better and happier..if nothing, you ll atleast have a clean closet 😉
#sad#depressionhelp #anxiety #low #depressionquoutes #move #clean #declutter #organizer #organise #closet #psychology #happiness #lifecoach #lifetips #help #panicattacks #trythis #insta #instagood #instagram
Try this today !
Healthy lifestyle is not a destination or a one time target - its a journey, a process that needs patience and persistence - set yourself up for success by defining small goals - small and sustainable changes and tap yourself on the back for each win!
#healthcoach #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #health #healthyeating #exercise #goals #cleanliving #diet #detox #plantbased #sustainableliving #success #insta #instagood
Unexplained aches and pains? A constant not feeling well without a diagnosis? You might wanna try this - over weeks, months and years of stress/anxiety creep into our systems and cause harm in more then one ways - try this simple trick and feel the magic...do it..NOW
#anxiety #anxietyattack #anxious #stress #detox #destress #healthtip #health #healthyliving #heal #healthhacks #biohacking #biohack #grow #live #painfree #tense #tired #doit #doitnow #takeabreak #need
Juicing is fun - Juicing is tasty - and most importantly Juicing is easy....a little bit of advance prep can go a long way in a sustainable Juicing lifestyle...coldpressed juices are certainly the best but if you don't have a cold pressed juicer..smoothies can be a good alternative too...for multiple smoothie amd juice recipes head over to my website www.frommonday.in and check out the options...
To know about Juicing and incorporating it into your lifestyle, DM me.
#juicing #green #greenjuice #plantbaseddiet #plantbased #vegan #celery #ilovemyjuice #health #cleaneating #healthhacks #digestion #guthealth #antioxidants #detox #detoxdrink #instareels #insta #instagood
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Good Sleep, Great Energy Levels and Flawless Skin are our natural attributes..let’s set it all right!


Actual Reviews on Google

Mr. Shah has been of tremendous help to me. He has helped me lost a significant amount of weight in 5 months. His philosophy and his understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle is what really makes him a unique dietician. He is really motivational and his use of precision in every recipe allows us to eat every meal without the stress of the calories it contains. He’s not only a dietician and nutritionist, but also a specialist in general health issues. He has been calm and humble and has supported me throughout my journey.
14:03 05 Jun 22
Amit sir really understands the concept of a perfect lifestyle, and the link between weight loss and a balanced diet. His recipes are simply delicious, and the variety of food that one is allowed to eat is tremendous since it caters to everyone's needs. He takes the concept of dieting as a change in lifestyle, which must be the ultimate goal for one to stay fit. He treats his clients like family, and creates a strong bond with them. Simply a magnificent person!
Saksham Yadav
Saksham Yadav
13:49 05 Jun 22
Amit is an excellent coach.Diet regime given to me helped with both mental and physical fitness.Keep the good work on!
Priyanka Thakur
Priyanka Thakur
03:42 31 May 22
03:05 31 May 22
I have been struggling with my health for a while and an unclear gut made it so hard for my body to accept anything. My weight kept being either constant or not on a stable mode. Frommondaychanged every bit of it with what I thought would never change. The water therapies and the suggestive food intake worked miracle and I have no back pain, no headache and lost 7kgs on the top. Nothing can be better than this. Health inside out. thanks Amit and his team.
Mod Droidhelp
Mod Droidhelp
17:00 30 May 22
My husband and I took 90 days diet plan from Frommonday to shed extra kilos and improve our food related lifestyle choices and it turned out to be a great enriching experience. The team is amazing and helped with various healthy choices. We both achieved our weight loss target and still are able to maintain the same. Recommended exercises were also good. Thank you Frommonday for this amazing experience. Highly recommended.
Pune Protein
Pune Protein
16:56 30 May 22
Thank you, Amit Shah and your team, for your commitment toward my weight loss. I am much better now in terms of fitness and health. I have reduced medication for diabetes and do not require it for cholesterol issues. I am highly thankful to Amit for his 100% personalized guidance.
Zat Pat
Zat Pat
16:55 30 May 22
I have always been skeptical about any diet process as they usually remind of going on empty stomach for hours, eating bland and boring food. But the journey with FromMonday was exactly opposite of it. They made the whole diet process fun and rewarding. All the planned meals were great to eat. I lost more than 6kgs in under 1 months. The team was very responsive to all my questions at any time of the day . And the guidance they have been providing was really good. On what should be eaten during the cheat meals, how to combine different food items was simply great. Thank you team for helping me through this journey. Thanks Amit Really appreciate you all.
Anis Sayyad
Anis Sayyad
16:49 30 May 22
Having a wonderful experience after choosing From Monday all thanks to Amit
Rachit Jhunjhunwala
Rachit Jhunjhunwala
17:04 06 Mar 22
I hv lost 16 kgs in 3 months without feeling like I am on diet. Thank you team from Monday for this most wonderful feeling ever as this was my post pregnancy weight and I am happy to hv lost it in such a short time. I loved your recipes and tricks and would hv made it a 6 stsr review if there was an option
Tavi Khanna
Tavi Khanna
04:02 04 Jul 21
12 kgs gone in 3 months - i cannot be more happier. Best diet I have ever done without leaving my tea and my weekend fun. Thank you Amit Sir for the patience and care.
Yash Mittal
Yash Mittal
15:49 04 May 21
Hi ...Amit thank you for helping me get back in shape have lost 8 kgs in 2 months..and also your plan for food the variety that you give and your recipes are outstanding....and you are always approachableThank u
Fouzan Hashim
Fouzan Hashim
08:29 02 May 21
This is a long one as I want to thank Amit & his team for my good health - Until now, I had not ever thought thst food can work as medicine - not only did i lose my excess weight, My skin allergies were down to almost gone in 6 months - The recipes and Plans are extremely interesting and change how one looks at food. Many thanks
Aarti Rana
Aarti Rana
11:57 12 Mar 21
Wow thats great iam thankful to Amit..iam already Dr.but treat pt.but treat me Amit by tasty diet..thanks a ton Amit...
Sachin Guota
Sachin Guota
13:17 05 Jan 21
Love the healthy recipes and have tried some of them.... Keep it awesome and keep sharing tips for a healthy living! Thank you ??
Shweta Kasarle
Shweta Kasarle
12:26 27 Dec 20
Mr. Amit is absolutely fabulous in his work and way of explanation of certain things makes you vigilant for following the diet rationally rather than following it blindly. He is also very comfortable to talk to and has a dream-like diet plan where one can eat tasty food and lose weight at the same time. The 'From Monday' app on Play Store is the icing to the cake where all your diet chart is feeded into with automated reminders to consume your meal. Also, queries can be settled by the 'chat option' on the app to which Mr. Amit will respond very quickly. Overall, this is an entire unique dieting experience which doesn't comprise on your hunger pangs and makes you fit for life. I am glad to have made a right decision and I personally have renewed my plan for a longer period. Highly Recommended.
Siddh Chheda
Siddh Chheda
13:14 17 Dec 20
Amit is a wonderful human being and he understand his clients needs and wants. He is passionate about his work and gets deeply involved with his clients.I strongly recommend Amit's consultation to everyone.
Ssanket Jayant Popat
Ssanket Jayant Popat
12:19 17 Dec 20
Amit is amazing , his plans gave me a new dimension of nutrition and he changed my perception of my eating and nutrition habits ... extremely happy with his approach .
Twinkle M. G. Road, Blr
Twinkle M. G. Road, Blr
11:01 17 Dec 20
Happy to write this - down by quite a few kgs and 2 sizes in a short span of time - love the recipes and variety - have given 4 stars instead of 5 only bcuz of the waiting time for getting appointments . apart from that, amit and his team are very helpful and kind
prateek jain
prateek jain
03:35 17 Dec 20
Having been on Amit's plans for over 12 months now, all I can say is that my lifestyle has changed completely and so has my ktichen and cooking habits. My entire family has a new way of eating while still maintaining our traditional food habits. By Far the best nutritionist I have met and highly recommend him.
sonal malaviya
sonal malaviya
03:18 17 Dec 20
Very effective plan by coach amit and I I acheived result what I wanted in three month programme and especially amit a very friendly personand sharp dietician
Have been attached to coach amit for a long time... And have to say.. He is one of the best nutritionist , I have had diet plans from him.He provide diets that really easy to follow, i saw the changes in few weeks after starting the plan ,also he have the recipe on his web page. Being an athlete I have tried all kind of diets, including kito, but amit sir always told me jumping on kito, for sports nutrition, was not only the option.
Vaishnavi Sonawane
Vaishnavi Sonawane
07:16 12 Dec 19
My jounrney with Coach Amit Shah had started with me being on bed rest as I was undergoing an ACL tear which required weight loss as a condition . I honestly had lost all hope of loosing weight as I was on bed rest . Hence I started my journey with Coach Amit Shah on a friends reccomendation and the results that I saw with the diet on them . Over the period of the diet given to me I had started shedding weight really quickly in the first couple of weeks . But after a point it had started to stagnate . Coach Amit made sure to fix that as well . I have a tendency to bloat a lot . Certain food type wouldn’t suit me and as I would tell him that he would alter it and give me different types of food to try out. There were a lot of times that I underwent health issues during this period but as I would call to tell him this, There was always a quick response in fixing my health condition . The diet initially looked very scary for a non-cook like me . But I managed and realised it’s not as much as it looks and neither did it require to prepare a lot . As the weight loss commenced my doctor had specifically asked me to keep my protein levels intact and start with physiotherapy and workout . As I mentioned this to coach Amit he made sure that my tear healed with the right amount of protein intake . Today after almost 3 months of my journey with Coach Amit I feel very good about myself as I am able to fit back into my jeans and do my physiotherapy along with my workouts in a much more effective way and with amazing energy levels . I am really happy to have found him . He takes in all the issues that you’re facing and is always willing to give in solutions for the same . He has done an amazing job at understanding what intake my body requires and made alterations in the diet per week . The diet sent to me is sent in a very systemic way which is very impressive . The recipes are uploaded to his website making it easier for us to just open the desired recipe and follow the instructions . Overall my results are amazing and today after being on bed rest for 2 months+ about half a month of workout I have lost 6kgs . I’m sure if I was working out with this diet I would have lost much more. Overall it’s very impressive to see weight loss when one is on bed rest . Loved the experience and looking forward to many more months of the right guidance for food intake with Coach Amit 🙂
Namrata Thackersey
Namrata Thackersey
11:10 07 Jun 19
He's just an amazing nutritionist. So well read and updates himself with everything n about every problem. He's more like a frnd who helps internal healing... Icing on the cake is his spread of menu.. just love his recipes ♥️♥️
Dhruti Thakker
Dhruti Thakker
12:58 14 Apr 19
Amit's personal involvement in the transformation journey is motivating. The plans are healthy yet very tasty and practical to implement. Focus is to make an informed choice. Only thing to loose is weight and to gain is confidence and a positive lifestyle change..!!
Jitesh Dawda
Jitesh Dawda
04:32 02 Feb 19
I started with membership for a month and the experience has been so good that i renewed my membership further for 3 months now. I have tried a lot of diets and am glad to say this diet did wonders for me. Amit is very knowledgeable and realistic in his approach. he understands the needs of day to day life and suggest accordingly. He doesn't make you worry about the weight, but concentrates on fitness. The juices and the recipes he provides, keep you feeling fresh and light entire day. I would highly recommend getting Amit's help for anyone who wants to be fit ( not losing weight quickly ),and maintain good health in long term.
Shradha Nair
Shradha Nair
07:47 24 Dec 18
Amit Sir , apart from being a nutritionist he’s also an excellent personality whom one would appreciate to be around. He has not only helped me in losing weight but he has also taught me to eat clean and healthy. He is always available to answer any of are queries. His meal plans are lean and convenient and fits into our schedule. Everybody who’s looking forward to lose weight should approach Amit sir ...
Kanchi Ranawat
Kanchi Ranawat
16:01 20 Dec 18
Very good consultant. Highly knowledgeable and has practical tips along with sound logic. Also his Strong educational background, in relevant domain, adds credibility. Also always available and adaptive to clients needs. Highly recommended.
ankush raghuvanshi
ankush raghuvanshi
13:59 20 Dec 18


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    Post consultation, I will develop a meal plan that works for you by analyzing your lifestyle, your work and travel schedules and most importantly your likes and dislikes about food. All my meal plans are easy to follow and I’m always a call away if you need help following the plan or need changes based on rapidly changing work and travel scenarios. 

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