Why I became a Nutritionist in Mumbai?

Hi there, I’m Amit, a dietitian in Mumbai, and I’d love to show you a more natural, effective and holistic way to lose and maintain weight, and get serious about nutrition in a gradual and sustainable manner. Good Sleep, Great Energy Levels and Flawless Skin are our natural attributes..lets set it all right! 

A New Perspective To Wellness

1:1 Consultation

What You Get..

It is an important step, as only after a meeting with you and a detailed conversation about your goals, would I be able to formulate a diet plan that works for you.

Helpful Food Hacks

Let me show you how

Learn how to feed your body the nutrients it needs for a better lifestyle.

Weekly Variegated Meal Plans

You are what you eat

Here’s where I help you come up with a flexible, variable (by the week) meal plan, which keeps everyday meals interesting.

Why From Monday Dietitian in Mumbai?

Holistic Nutrition
‘From Monday’ was born out of a simple insight, “a healthier life isn’t about JUST eating right and weight loss; it is about a more holistic approach to NUTRITION and an overall commitment to a dramatic change in your quality of life, through simple alterations in existing food, diet and activities.”

Our Services

Weight Loss

We understand that weight management can be frustrating. With numerous contradictory products and programs available, it can be difficult to find a trustworthy product. But our Integrated Weight Loss programs can help you make consistent dietary and lifestyle changes, so you avail lasting improvements in your health. Remember, being healthy weight is not getting a number on the scale, but keeping your body in balance.

Lifestyle Management

At From Monday, you will work with an expert nutritionist who will evaluate your lifestyle, body chemistry, and goals. Then, we will work one-on-one together to sustain healthy living and achieve those goals. By offering your ongoing support and accountability, our personal sessions are the key to your long-term success.

Weight Gain

Balancing life’s responsibilities and the body’s weight can be wearisome. But we can provide you with a personalized plan to help you shed off those extra pounds without experiencing any side-effects. We will help you to choose the right foods and create healthy eating patterns to nourish your body while you eat out to reach to a healthy body weight.

Medical Nutrition

Are you suffering from Type 2 Diabetes, Thyroid, Chronic Kidney disease, Anemia, or any other disease, adopting a healthy diet can make drastic improvements in your body. Medical Nutrition Therapy, often termed as MNT is an evidence-based medical approach to cure different kinds of chronic conditions through use of personally tailored nutrition plan. Our MNT approach includes counseling sessions to patients on self-management skills, lifestyle changes, and healthy eating that can play a life-changing role in reducing issues related to chronic conditions.

Sports Nutrition

As a sportsperson, we understand it is hard to fuel your body every time. But we know that proper nutrition can boost and enhance your performance. With dedication and passion for your sports comes the need for a tailored nutritional plan suited to your metabolic demands and training schedule. Whether you are a dancer, athlete, gymnast, or runner, our sports nutrition plan is simply great for you.

Young Adults Nutrition

As teens and young adults, we need a balanced diet including appropriate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, diary, fruits & vegetables, and supplements so that we have a strong immune system and can live well. At From Monday, we offer healthy swaps from unhealthy diets, plan healthy breakfast, select whole grain cereals, pasta, and bread, eat vegetables, and cut back on processed foods so that all you have is healthy and fit living.

Infant & New Mother Nutrition

After giving birth, your body requires nutrients and nourishments. Whether your aim is to lose pregnancy weight or to transfer nutrients to your infant through breastfeeding, we will guide you through this important phase of your life. We can help you with post-pregnancy weight loss and ensuring healthy newborn nutrition and growth.

Pantry Makeover

From Monday is pleased to offer pantry makeover nutrition consulting services. There is tremendous pressure on pantries in offices, hospitals, schools, colleges, universities, corporates, and even some restaurants to accommodate their customer demands for nutrition while dining out. We can help you build menus that cater to dietary restrictions, offer healthy options like dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo diets, and more, and still taste delectable enabling organizations to fulfill and stay a step ahead of the dynamic consumer demand landscape. We offer menu preparation, menu consultation, and menu analysis services.

Shopping Tours To Understand Product Labelling

Navigating the grocery outlet to find healthy options can be overwhelming without organization. On our shopping tour we will help you identify healthy options, discuss ways to include certain foods into your meals, talk about marketing influences and help you learn about healthy food choices. We will also teach you the basics of looking at food labels. If you have any special dietary needs, we will help you find the best products to accommodate into your daily lifestyle. The tour can last from 1 hour to more as per your preference.

Corporate Nutritional Seminar

We have a team of well-experienced and trained experts in public speaking as well as presentations to corporate clients. We understand that your company’s time and workforce equals money and if your staff is not healthy and well-nourished, their productivity can suffer. We offer ‘lunch and learn’ nutritional seminars packed with power point presentations, handouts, and face-to-face nutrition counseling for your employees. As a result, your company will thrive in the competitive workplace to produce healthier and happier staff.

Corporate Nutritional Counselling

With our one-to-one consultations to your employees, we can help them learn how to develop healthy eating patterns, snack ideas, meal ideas, and food storage at work. We can even provide customized nutrition presentations for the employees suffering from any chronic health condition. Our consultation sessions aim to bring lasting improvement to the health of their employee so that they feel fit, healthy and are able to deliver more productive outcomes at work.

Corporate Stress Management Workshop

Give your employees and managers the skills and stress-free environment, which they need to perform efficiently under high pressure. Our corporate stress management workshop program is an unusual combination that dramatically benefits attendees in their personal and work lives, and also greatly boosts resiliency and productivity at work. You can consider this program as a part of ongoing staff development or for employee appreciation conferences and events.

Healthy Living Begins With a Plan

Diet Program that works!
  • Lose your weight not your mind

    Our Diet Programs are customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals. No two diet programs will ever be the same.

  • Step-By-Step consultation

    I provide a holistic solution to achieving your fitness goals and I will be with you every step of the way, every day.

  • Researched meal plans

    Post consultation, I will develop a meal plan that works for you by analyzing your lifestyle, your work and travel schedules and most importantly your likes and dislikes about food. All my meal plans are easy to follow and I’m always a call away if you need help following the plan or need changes based on rapidly changing work and travel scenarios. 

  • On call guidance

    Worried about eating out? Well call me and I will personally guide you as to what you can eat and what you cannot. 

Special Diet Plans

  • Chemotherapy
  • Thyroid
  • Pcod / Pcos
  • Diabetes
  • Pre-diabetes
  • Bulimia
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperacidity
  • IBS
  • Indigestion & Bloating
  • Cardiac Health
  • Hashimoto's
  • Fatty Liver
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Adrenal Fatigue

Food For Thought

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He's just an amazing nutritionist. So well read and updates himself with everything n about every problem. He's more like a frnd who helps internal healing... Icing on the cake is his spread of menu.. just love his recipes ♥️♥️
Dhruti Thakker
Dhruti Thakker
12:58 14 Apr 19
Amit's personal involvement in the transformation journey is motivating. The plans are healthy yet very tasty and practical to implement. Focus is to make an informed choice. Only thing to loose is weight and to gain is confidence and a positive lifestyle change..!!
Jitesh Dawda
Jitesh Dawda
04:32 02 Feb 19
My journey on fitness with Amit started about a while ago but in short duration he helped me to loose weight in healthy way .....Amit have been a great food police 😉 for me , but I am sure anyone working or taking Amit’s meal plan will be for sure can see his passion and zeal he put in his work to make diet plans more n more tastier and simpler to cook .Personally I have learnt so many new n tasty recipes being in journey to remain fit n energetic and still loving food and specially fruits .... will always be thankful to Amit to coach and show me how to live life healthier and happier by enjoying food and still maintaining good weight and make me learn new healthy recipes for self n my family .... Amit is a friend next door whom you can reach anytime for help on fitness, exercise, diet etc etc .....his speed on responding to queries are of great help on day to day diet and that is his USP alsoMy best wishes are always with you Amit ... god bless you and your passion to grow and work more to make society healthier and happy ... Best of Luck !
bushra ansari
bushra ansari
10:31 20 Jan 19
I was trying to loose weight from a long time and tried various fad diets but could not maintain it as it was almost impossible. Then I found amit and decided to give it a try and I am really happy that my try was worth it. Amit has been constantly in touch regarding the diet and his plans are easy to follow and most importantly customised as per your needs. You don’t even feel like you are dieting. I have understood the importance of having a balanced diet with improved energy levels only thanks to Amit.
Ashwin Nidarkar
Ashwin Nidarkar
04:52 31 Dec 18
I started with membership for a month and the experience has been so good that i renewed my membership further for 3 months now. I have tried a lot of diets and am glad to say this diet did wonders for me. Amit is very knowledgeable and realistic in his approach. he understands the needs of day to day life and suggest accordingly. He doesn't make you worry about the weight, but concentrates on fitness. The juices and the recipes he provides, keep you feeling fresh and light entire day. I would highly recommend getting Amit's help for anyone who wants to be fit ( not losing weight quickly ),and maintain good health in long term.
Shradha Nair
Shradha Nair
07:47 24 Dec 18
Very good consultant. Highly knowledgeable and has practical tips along with sound logic. Also his Strong educational background, in relevant domain, adds credibility. Also always available and adaptive to clients needs. Highly recommended.
ankush raghuvanshi
ankush raghuvanshi
13:59 20 Dec 18
An amazing human being, besides being an excellent nutritionist. Balanced Nutrition is at the core of our health and any imbalance throws us into many health issues. Amit is passionate about helping others and goes out of his way to do so. When we first met, he was not at all looking at his watch, even though he had appointments lined up for the evening. He spent over 2 hours with me and my husband, trying to understand the issue at hand, analysing the issue and its possible causes, and working through creating plausible solutions. Highly recommended nutritionist for anyone who has any health issue.
Kirti Saboo
Kirti Saboo
08:58 25 Nov 18
Amit is brilliant at administering a well balanced diet that very essentially doesn’t leave you starving. His knowledge about the nutrient value of each food item and ingredient is commendable and with logical reasoning. That is certainly his USP!!!
shweta jhaveri
shweta jhaveri
13:27 24 Nov 18
Being myself into fitness industry for over 10 yrs and training and transforming over 100 of clients i have never seen a nutrition plan as heathy and balanced as amit's nutrition plan.With a in-depth and profound knowledge of your daily nutrition requirements and availability, he makes dieting into a very simple healthy eating habit.After some research and enquiring i found and took diet from amit.Here are some pros and cons :1) all natural ingredients included in the diet.I have seen diets of some professional including ample of processed and artificial things which in long run can be harmfull. Not the case with amit's plan.2) understands your lifestyle and eating habits, so gives a very customized plan so that instead of frustration you tend to follow the plan.3) Along with fat loss you can expect a) glowing skin, b) healthy hair, c) better gastrointestinal health, d) digestion improves, e) with reduced cortisol and gut inflammation you get a relaxed mood, f) better hormonal balance, g) helpfull to lead disease free life.4) Recipes are delicious and equally healthyCons :1) This is not a fancy short term plan which will starve you from you daily nutritional requirements and lead to unhealthy weight loss. Your health is top most priorty before results.
Ganesh Gupta
Ganesh Gupta
08:41 24 Nov 18
With the help of Amit I have lost 27 kg (89 to 62) in 11 months. He is such a good nutritionist and provide plans according to our daily routine with all the nutrition values. His recipes are also really good, healthy and tasty. He is always one call or msg away, also guides us what to eat and what not during our traveling. Now my skin glows my confidence is back the only thing I lost is weight.I still wanna lose few kgs and I m sure I will with Amit Shah’s guidance.
swati choudhary
swati choudhary
06:56 24 Nov 18
Amit is a great mentor and coach, he guided me all throughout my diet and workout with regular and key interventions. He also monitors you on a weekly basis on your progress and weight loss.
Shahram Mavandadnejad
Shahram Mavandadnejad
06:07 24 Nov 18
Dr Amit is a wonderful coach...he helped me just 2 months before my wedding and the results were amazing not only with respect to my weight but also my skin and hair improved.
rashi vyas
rashi vyas
03:48 21 Nov 18
anukrati dosi
anukrati dosi
12:27 28 Aug 18
Kanchi Ranawat
Kanchi Ranawat
13:09 14 Aug 18
I always thought dieting was a tough job but amit made it very easy for me. He is a patient listener and has always altered diet plans according to my schedule which made it easy to follow. He has inculcated good eating habits in me.
Gurmeen Kaur
Gurmeen Kaur
17:38 12 Jun 18
Ankit Lohia
Ankit Lohia
17:20 12 Jun 18
Sunandit Chaterjee
Sunandit Chaterjee
13:19 12 Jun 18
Could never diet but working with Amit doesnt seem like a diet..his plans are simple to follow and have helped me manage stress and hypertension in a way I had not imagined..
Anand J
Anand J
13:09 12 Jun 18
Amit is a great motivator and nutritionist. His methods don't even let you feel like you're on a diet..The results have been great for me and I also feel more energetic and healthy!
Sharleen Khosravi
Sharleen Khosravi
12:48 12 Jun 18