5 Hormones That Impact Your Body Weight and Ways to Manage Them

Have you ever thought about how your body controls your weight and appetite? How does it know when to sleep and when to eat? It’s true that it is quite a complex process that involves a balanced functioning of a set of chemical interactions between your nervous system, brain, hormones, fat cells, and endocrine system. […]

Diet for PCOS and Some Tips That You Need To Know!

Diet for PCOS

Besides obesity, one lifestyle disorder that is commonly increasing among young females is PCOS. Also known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, this syndrome can occur in any women of reproductive age. With rapid deterioration of lifestyle and increase in stress levels, there has been a sudden rise in PCOS cases across the world. This disorder can […]

Fibre Rich Indian Foods

Fibre Rich Indian Foods

Fibre Rich Indian Foods That You Should Be Aware Of We all are focused towards consuming a protein-rich, carbohydrate-rich, and even vitamin-rich diet. But have you ever thought of following a ‘fibre-rich diet?’ Yes, despite being one of the most important ingredients for our body, fibre is always ignored and bypassed. Fibre is highly beneficial […]

Diet for Dengue Patients – Everything You Need to Know

Diet for Dengue Patients

With increasing dengue casualties in India, there is an urgent cause to worry about the rapidly-spreading malady. Dengue fever is considered as a chronic illness and if left untreated or diagnosed lately, can cause a person to lose his life.   But the good thing is that consuming a diet customized for dengue patients, it […]

Know the Best Ways to Achieve a Perfectly Balanced Meal

balanced meal

Have you ever thought that despite eating a small plate you are still gaining those extra pounds? Or might be you are highly conscious about your health but still diagnosed with health ailments, like thyroid, cholesterol, or more? Might be the reason is your diet.   Yes! If you are consuming an unbalanced diet, one […]

All You Need To Know About Indian Diet For Bodybuilding

Thali Recipe

The key to effective bodybuilding is a regular workout and eating healthy. Whether you want to build your body to make it to the fashion world or want to participate in the next championship, a perfect balance between your workout and dietary regimen can help you achieve your goal. But if expensive protein shakes and […]

The importance of Sports Nutrition – A comprehensive outlook

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition is the study and practice of nutrition and diet with regards to improving anyone’s athletic performance.  Effective diet and nutrition are an important part of an athlete’s training. A sportsman’s valued qualities- strength, agility, endurance, and vigilance are the result of his nutrition-rich diet regimen recommended by the sports nutritionists. Every athlete’s body type, kind of sports, training […]

Best Indian Breakfast for Weight Loss

oats idli

Is your weight loss regimen striking out most of the breakfast options for you? Are you looking for a healthy Indian breakfast that is delectable and at the same time can help you with weight loss? Well, read on to explore some really amazing and easy to prepare healthy breakfast recipes for shedding off that […]

What are monounsaturated fats? And here’s why you ought to be consuming them…

  Remember 6th grade science class, when we first came across the term, ‘balanced diet’? It simply meant that every meal we consumed needed to consume all the food groups, those were, proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and fats. Off late however, it seems like fats have gotten a bad rep of sorts. Nutritionists and food […]

The truth about ghee: The facts will shock you

Ghee is clarified butter, but not too many of us have much ‘clarity’ on the health benefits of ghee. As Indians, we are programmed to like ghee, in much the same way as many of us are taught that milk is a complete food! Well one of these two ‘facts’ will be verified today.  If […]