According to recent survey results, around 80% of people worldwide between the ages of 20 to 64 prefer dieting over walking for good health and toned body shape.

Are you one of those?

Fitness is definitely needed, but starving hard is only going to harm your body. It is only going to deplete nutrition off from your body and eventually affect the overall well-being of your body. At the same time, overeating is strictly restricted.

So, what is the solution?

If you don’t want to be the one among those obese, lazy personalities who keep shifting their health schedule for the next day, then practice what I am just going to tell you. Believe, within a one-month time frame, you would have a much slimmer body that is shining outside and healthy inside.

So, what’s that one thing you need to do?

It’s walking!

You must have seen many people walking around early morning. But have you thought why, despite waking early, you are still not motivated to step down and walk a bit? It’s just because you still don’t know what all good walking can do to your body.

Walking – Offering Tons of Benefits to Your Body

Walking is suggested, not just for obese and fat people, but for everyone. No matter how old you are and what is your lifestyle, if you want to stay healthy then practice walking every day. Walking is one of the tranquil and effective exercises for the entire body. Besides letting you lose weight, it can bring tons of benefits to your body.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

As I told you earlier, walking is needed, not just for the ‘obese class,’ but also for those who don’t want to put in those extra kilos.

As compared to other rigorous activities, like cycling, swimming, running, dancing, or hitting the gym, walking is the easiest one to follow. A 30 minutes swift walk can burn lots of calories. And if you are already lean, then it would help you maintain that shape and weight.

  1. Easy on Joints

For people suffering from joint problems, walking must not be an excuse. Rather it must be an everyday practice. Every person needs a certain form of physical exercise on a daily basis. Hence, if you suffer from joint pains then walking is the best exercise for you.

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It is easy on joints, convenient to carry, and can be done without additional support. So walk if you want to keep your joints in good condition.

  1. Ideal to Preserve and Improve your Heart Health

Heart ailments are one of the top-most killers among people across the world. The main reason for increased heart diseases is a hectic sedentary lifestyle, which lacks physical activity and high stress on a daily basis.

Studies who that walking briskly for 30 minutes and five days a week can lead to 19% reduction in risks associated with heart diseases. Ideally, the more you would walk, the better your health will be. For a healthy heart, try increasing your walk frequency and duration slowly.

  1. Combat Depression with Walking

Depression is another common problem in our lives. Not only adults, but even small kids experience depression.

Do you know what the best natural treatment for depression is?

It’s walking again!

Walking outdoors makes your hormones feel food. Even walking bare feet on the ground is great for blood circulation. It also helps soaking sum sun and maintain the needed amount of Vitamin D in your body. So, if you desire to get rid of anti-depressing medicines and wish to give your life a new heat start, then start walking.

Sure, you will love it!

  1. Get Necessary Support for your Bones

Just like other kinds of exercises, even regular walking can prevent loss of bone mass to a great extent. When you walk on a daily basis, then the risk of bone disease drops reduce highly. Also, this reduces your risk of osteoporosis and fractures, which is a common problem among old age.

Walking is a great way to maintain your good health. It does not need any equipment and can be done at any time and anywhere. Although your body needs a walk of 30 minutes every day, if you are able to walk more, then it’s absolutely amazing.

So, get up and start walking to avail all these and more benefits for your body!

If you have any questions regarding eating right, living well and switching to a more wholesome lifestyle, do drop a line to our certified dietitian and nutritionist in Mumbai, or follow us on social media, and we’d love to help you with your query! Until next time, live healthy, live well.