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Results from excessive androgen production by the ovaries, leading to increased oil production in the skin.



PCOS disrupts the normal hormonal balance, impacting the maturation and release of eggs from the ovaries.

More male-like characters

More male-like characters

Caused due to malfunctioning of the adrenal glands, resulting in an over-production of male hormones

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

PCOS disrupts the body’s ability to effectively utilize insulin, leading to difficulties in converting sugars and starches from food into usable energy.

Cure your PCOS effectively by targeting its root cause.

The answer lies in your metabolism..let’s set it all right!

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Meet Your PCOS Health Coach. Aamit Shah

Meet Aamit, a dedicated dietitian who surpasses the ordinary in the field of hormonal imbalance. Studying as a health coach at the prestigious Integrative Institute of Nutrition in New York, he combines his deep understanding of nutrition with his passion for transforming the health of his clients.

Aamit ‘s global travels and exploration of alternative therapies have shaped his approach, to addressing the complexities of PCOS and PCOD. Take control of your condition with Aamit as your ally and witness the extraordinary difference he can make in your life.

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Client Success Stories Inspiring Results

After struggling with PCOS for years, I was desperate for a solution. Aamit Shah’s personalized diet plan and lifestyle recommendations worked wonders. My weight stabilized, my skin cleared up, and my energy levels skyrocketed. Thank you, Aamit, for helping me regain control of my health!

Aaradhya Sharma

I can’t thank Aamit Shah enough for his expertise in managing PCOD. With his guidance, I tackled my hormonal imbalance and experienced relief from irregular periods, weight gain, and mood swings. His practical diet suggestions and holistic approach transformed my life!

Ishita Patel

Aamit Shah’s comprehensive approach to PCOS changed my life. His customized meal plans and lifestyle modifications helped me address my weight gain, acne, and menstrual irregularities. I’m forever grateful for his knowledge and support on my journey to balanced hormones.

Naina Kapoor

I had nearly given up hope of managing my PCOS until I found Aamit Shah. His expert advice and meal plans helped me tackle my weight issues, hair loss, and insulin resistance. I finally feel like I have control over my body again. Thank you, Aamit!

Riya Gupta

Aamit Shah’s guidance has been a game-changer for my PCOS symptoms. With his tailored diet and lifestyle suggestions, I was able to overcome my struggles with fertility, mood swings, and fatigue. I highly recommend Aamit to anyone seeking relief from PCOS.

Meera Desai

Thanks to Aamit Shah’s expertise, I am finally managing my PCOD effectively. His nutrition recommendations and stress management techniques helped me combat excessive hair growth, menstrual irregularities, and weight gain. Aamit’s approach is truly life-changing.

Anika Singh

Aamit Shah’s dietary recommendations were a revelation for my PCOS. His well-designed meal plans and practical lifestyle advice helped me control my weight, improve my insulin levels, and reduce the severity of my hormonal acne. Aamit is a true professional!

Saanvi Khanna

Struggling with PCOS symptoms like mood swings, bloating, and weight gain was exhausting until I found Aamit Shah. With his guidance, I adopted a healthier lifestyle and followed his nutrition plan. Today, I feel empowered, balanced, and more in tune with my body. Aamit’s approach is transformative.

Aanya Joshi

Aamit Shah’s expertise in managing PCOS is truly remarkable. His personalized dietary recommendations and stress reduction techniques helped me overcome my struggles with infertility, excessive hair growth, and weight issues. Thanks to Aamit, I’m on a path to better health!

Avani Verma

Living with PCOS was overwhelming until I found Aamit Shah. His thorough understanding of the condition and his well-crafted diet plans helped me address my weight gain, insulin resistance, and menstrual irregularities. Aamit’s guidance gave me hope and a renewed sense of well-being.

Diya Malhotra

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