Doubts are a part and parcel of life and everything that we do. To doubt is to be human, and it is in our nature, almost hard wired into us. Being human often times means being fearful of the unknown. I have experienced it in my professional and personal life, as I’m sure many of you have as well. Doubts, like all other instincts can be a double edged sword. If used properly, it can make us better critical thinkers, but if we let doubts get the better of us, we can be left powerless, anxious and skittish. How then do we deal with doubts that crop up on our life journey? I’ll tell you what works for me, and I hope that with a little reflection and soul searching, it will help you as well.


I decided that it was time for me, to venture out into the competitive world of being a nutrition coach, right when my conventional career, though rewarding economically was starting to take a toll on my health. After consulting many dieticians, nutritionists and doctors, I decided to investigate nutritionism for myself, and I came to the understanding that nature in its abundant wisdom, was the key to a better life, better health and of course better, more balanced consumption! Trusting in nature’s bounty of course is a matter of time and patience. Natural remedies and choices in food, lifestyle alteration and fitness are a gradual, but complete process. And here’s what I have discovered, I think it is nearly spiritual. Nature teaches us to calm our minds in powerful ways. I love walking by the seaside, this is where I think best and where I had the following epiphany.

I looked out onto the horizon, the beautiful majesty of the sunrise, filling my body with vitality and warmth. Life in essence owes its existence to this magnificent natural body. Sun kissed and recharged I continued along the way, watching the tide come in, the sand firm, yet soft at my toes. Another thought struck me, the constancy of the tides, they drift in and out, and yet never leave the shoreline. An affirmation that Mother Nature stands by us through every one of our life’s cycles. From building our bodies to thrive in any environment to endowing us with complex immune systems to fight any and every disease that may come our way. I stopped at a food vendor, who was preparing corn on the cob, my mouth watered and as I took the first bite of the tangy, delightful snack, I realised the minimalism that natural foods require to make them appealing and flavourful. The simple, everyday activity of my morning walk had left me with an insight that was near perfect.


Nature provides us with all that we need. From farm fresh produce, to excellent protein sources, from probiotic dairy to juicy, tasty fruits, natural foods have been and always will be the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. Remember this simple tenet and all your doubts about your eating habits, health and even your lifestyle will dissipate.


One of the most troubling facets of modern life is the fact that we stress. Stress can be caused by work, being unable to prioritise your life and work, long hours and of course man-made parameters, like KRAs. The key is to remember that nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is worth losing your health over, Simplify your life, enjoy what you do and of course spend time with the people in your life that make life worth living. Money, fame and success are all artificial constructs that do not determine your value. Your true value lies in the lives you touch, and not in the money you accrue. So stop being a slave to what you think you need. All that you truly need is all around you.

Your doubts about the way and manner you consume food and health can often lead you down a path that can be treacherous. Talking about your doubts and fears you will find to be a really liberating experience. In case you ever feel the need to have your queries heard or just have a chat, request a free consultation and I will get back to you.. I hope this post has helped make you realise the truth and power that nature possesses. I’d love to hear from you, and if you’re so inclined, give me a shoutout on FB or Instagram.