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Dietitian Nutritionists In Mumbai

Nutrition is the most important key element for good health. Living healthy is more important for leading your family happily. With changes in the lifestyle and busy schedule, people could not find themselves balanced with proper maintaining of diet plan, exercise and more. so you should focuse on it and as a result you will get fit and finebody

These could lead to a stressful life. Maintaining a healthy life with your family members requires a proper concentration of your daily activity with a diet plan, exercise routine and many more.

Amit Shah is the leading Dietitian Nutritionists In Mumbai ready to bring you a good nutrition pattern

Diet Plans 

“A good diet for long-term weight loss is one that puts structure around food and eating but allows flexibility for preferences and likes and dislikes, is nutritionally healthy, and includes mindful eating techniques and behavior modification strategies.  Amit Shah is the leading Dietitian Nutritionists In Mumbai ready to bring you a good nutrition pattern

 Lose your weight not your mind

Our Diet Programs are customized to fit your lifestyle and your goals. No two diet programs will ever be the same.

Step-By-Step consultation

I provide a holistic solution to achieving your fitness goals and I will be with you every step of the way, every day.

Researched meal plans

Post consultation, I will develop a meal plan that works for you by analyzing your lifestyle, your work and travel schedules and most importantly your likes and dislikes about food. All my meal plans are easy to follow and I’m always a call away if you need help following the plan or need changes based on rapidly changing work and travel scenarios. 

On call guidance

Worried about eating out? Well call me and I will personally guide you as to what you can eat and what you cannot. 

Mumbai’s Leading Diet and Holistic Nutrition Center

From Monday was born out of a simple insight – A healthier life isn’t about just eating right and weight loss; it is about a more holistic approach to nutrition and an overall commitment to a dramatic change in your quality of life, through simple alterations in existing food, diet and activities.

From Monday Nutrition Clinic located at Opera House, Mumbai is one of the leading Lifestyle Management and Weight Loss Centre in South Mumbai catering to Girgaon Chowpatty and surrounding areas in South Mumbai.

Weight in Mumbai is becoming a buzz word and From Monday Nutrition is here to help you break the myths of weight loss and focus on what is right – a dietitian in South Mumbai who understands your lifestyle, your health needs and your goals without compromising on your social life and your weekends – We at From Monday Nutrition help you ensure a fabulous week of individually planned customised meal plans and health hacks to ensure your week end doesn’t become weak end.

Our Services in India

Diet Plan for Arthritis
Diet Plan for Blood Pressure
Diet Plan for Constipation
Diet Plan for Depression
Diet Plan for Diabetes
Diet Plan for Fatty Liver
Diet Plan for Gallstones
Diet Plan for Heart Attack
Diet Plan for Insomnia
Diet Plan for Jaundice
Diet Plan for Kidney Stones
Diet Plan for Lipedema


Diet Plan for Osteoporosis
Diet Plan for PCOD
Diet Plan of Menopause
Diet Plan for Q fever
Diet Plan for Reflux Diseases
Diet Plan for Snoring
Diet Plan for Thyroid
Diet Plan for UTI
Diet Plan for Vertigo
Diet Plan for Wheat Allergy
Diet Plan for Xerostomia
Diet Plan for Zika Virus