This is an undeniable fact: Human beings today are a lot more sedentary than at any other point in history. We can blame this on several factors, a desk job, lack of motivation to do physical work, or just plain laziness! Well whatever be the excuse, the fact still remains that if more we don’t get off our recliners (called La-Z boys for a reason), the more damage we are doing do ourselves. So in this pursuit of getting ourselves a little more fit, let’s examine 8 super simple ways you can kiss your sedentary lifestyle goodbye.

  1. Park away!



It is a fact, if you own a car, you will invariably trade off waking up a little earlier, for an extra half hour of sleep, then rush through breakfast in your pursuit to get to office on time. Either you have your designated parking or your driver will drop you at the lobby of your venue – Lets add a few hundred steps extra every day by getting off your car a little further away then you intend to – Main gate instead of the building lobby ! A lane further or the furthest parking spot in a lot.


  1. Eat a healthy breakfast

A healthy breakfast is the cornerstone of an active lifestyle. Your body has an 8 hour slack period and craves energy the moment you wake up. So treat it to a good breakfast. For the ideal breakfast recipes, feel free to check out our recipes section.


  1. Take a break every hour to stretch your limbs

For every hour you spend sitting at your desk, take a 5 to 7 minute break, in order to stretch your limbs. Take a walk around the office building, and in no time, in an 8 hour day, you will have incorporated a good hour’s worth of exercise (cardiovascular).


  1. Take a power walk after lunch

As Indians we have a penchant for a rather heavy lunch, which when combined with inactivity or sedentary work, makes us drowsy and sleepy. Instead, take a quick 15 minute walk after lunch, and you will immediately notice that your energy levels will be elevated and you have a better work day.


  1. Take the stairs

The stairs are an amazing way to build up your cardio. Get the blood pumping by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Make it a habit, and your joints will thank you.


  1. Active dates

Instead of doing the conventional dinner and movie, or Netflix and chill, incorporate walking into your dating life. Meet for a nature walk, or a good old fashioned walk in the park to really share the message of an active lifestyle with the one you love as well.


  1. Play with your kids

Kids are always full of energy. They are great motivators and get you moving all the time. If you have kids, take them to the park and participate in their games. Not only is this great exercise, it is also an excellent way of promoting a healthy relationship and an active lifestyle.


  1. Roam the markets instead of online shopping

A great way to stay active is to actually make time to go to the local market and pick out daily ingredients for your meals. The time you spend roaming the market too will add to your activity index, and fresh ingredients will really add a new dimension of taste and health to your meals.


Moving from a sedentary lifestyle to a more fulfilling, active one, is not as hard as you think. Small tweaks to your routine are all it takes to make and keep you fit, all the while moving you to the healthy life that your family and you deserve. If you have any questions regarding eating right, living well and switching to a more wholesome lifestyle, do drop me a line in the Contact Us section, or on social media, and I’d love to help you with your query! Until next time, live healthy, live well.